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    1. Welcome & Introductions

    2. How to use online learning to connect with stakeholders

    3. Education with Empathy

    4. Instructional design & business psychology

    5. Build process

    6. 12-Week Build Timeline

    7. Demo - Student Perspective

    8. Demo - Instructor Perspective

    9. Important Factors

    10. Ways to incentivize community members to become ambassadors

    11. Question & Answer

    12. Next Steps

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Stephen Ekstrom

Co-Founder, CEO & Nerd Whisperer

Advisory Panel Chair and Chief Strategist at The Tourism Academy | is Stephen Ekstrom. Ekstrom began his career in the 1990’s on college radio at Quinnipiac University. He went on to create and deliver successful tourism development strategies for now thriving destinations, theme restaurants, cultural institutions, theatrical management companies, and some of the world’s most recognized attractions. He’s called upon to speak at colleges and universities, conferences and countless panel discussions each year. He hosts The Tourism Academy's Business Class podcast and is a featured writer for several travel magazines. He’s also been profiled by media giants like the New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS Morning, and NY1.