Why Take This Course?

It just makes sense to be a more inclusive, welcoming, and accepting tourism destination or service provider. Here are a few of the reasons you should take this course.

  • Enhanced understanding of the diverse needs of travelers: Completing this course will enable tourism professionals to better understand the needs and preferences of LGBT+ travelers, allowing them to tailor their services and offerings to create more inclusive and welcoming environments.

  • Improved reputation and marketability: By implementing inclusive practices learned in this course, tourism professionals can enhance the reputation of their destination as LGBT+ friendly, thereby attracting a larger segment of the market and increasing visitor numbers and revenue.

  • Alignment with ethical and social responsibility standards: Engaging in this course demonstrates a commitment to diversity, equality, and social responsibility within the tourism industry, which can contribute to a positive brand image and foster stronger relationships with customers and stakeholders.

Course curriculum

    1. An Insight On LGBT+ Tourism

    2. Growth And Significance of LGBT+ Tourism

    3. Economic Impact of LGBT+ Tourism

    4. LGBT+ Inclusion In Tourism

    5. Impact on Destination Image and Reputation

    6. Identifying Needs and Concerns of LGBT+ Travelers

    7. Strategies for Welcoming LGBT+ Visitors

    8. Case Study: Helping LGBT+ Visitors Travel With Pride

    9. Best Practices and Lessons Learned

    10. Additional Resources

    11. Inclusive Destinations Wrap-Up

    12. Closing Survey

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