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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Survey

    2. Welcome & Company Introduction

    1. SeaWorld and Aquatica Orlando

    2. SeaWorld Orlando

    3. SeaWorld Orlando Events

    4. SeaWorld Orlando Presentations

    5. SeaWorld Orlando Animal Habitats

    6. SeaWorld Orlando - Rides for All Ages

    7. SeaWorld Orlando Tours

    8. SeaWorld Orlando Additional Upgrades

    9. Aquatica Orlando

    10. Aquatica Orlando Attractions

    11. Aquatica Orlando Upgrades

    12. Orlando Vacations

    13. Orlando Vacation Packages

    14. Check Your Knowledge

    1. Discovery Cove Take a Glance

    2. Discovery Cove

    3. Day Resort Admission

    4. Signature Dolphin Swim Admission

    5. The Grand Reef

    6. Explorer's Aviary

    7. Freshwater Oasis

    8. Serenity Bay

    9. Wind-Away River

    10. Amenities

    11. Upgrades

    12. Vacation Packages

    13. Check Your Knowledge

    1. Busch Gardens & Adventure Island Tampa

    2. Busch Gardens Tampa

    3. Busch Gardens Tampa Events

    4. Busch Gardens Tampa Rides

    5. Busch Gardens Tampa Animals

    6. Busch Gardens Tampa Tours

    7. Busch Gardens Tampa Upgrades

    8. Adventure Island

    9. Adventure Island Attractions

    10. Adventure Island Upgrades

    11. Tampa Vacations

    12. Tampa Vacation Packages

    13. Check Your Knowledge

    1. SeaWorld San Diego

    2. SeaWorld San Diego Events

    3. What's New at SeaWorld San Diego

    4. SeaWorld San Diego Shows & Presentations

    5. SeaWorld San Diego Rides

    6. SeaWorld San Diego Upgrades

    7. Sesame Place San Diego

    8. Sesame Place San Diego at a Glance

    9. Sesame Place San Diego Coming Soon

    10. Sesame Place San Diego Upgrades

    11. San Diego Vacations

    12. San Diego Vacation Packages

    13. Check Your Knowledge

    1. Busch Gardens Williamsburg

    2. Busch Gardens Williamsburg Events

    3. Busch Gardens Williamsburg What's New

    4. Upgrades

    5. Water Country USA

    6. Water Country USA Upgrades

    7. Busch Gardens Williamsburg Vacations

    8. Busch Gardens Williamsburg Vacation Packages

    9. Check Your Knowledge

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