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This workshop will introduce attendees to contemporary concepts and terminology associated with equity and inclusion. In addition, the workshop will focus on strategies that create equitable conditions for productivity and engagement. Research, case studies, and experiential practices will aid attendees in developing understandings of equity-driven leadership.

You'll Learn...

In this 30-minute workshop, students will learn about:

  • Context

  • Racism and Racial Identity

  • Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

  • Strategies for Inclusive Leadership

  • Where to Find Resources

Course curriculum

    1. Meet Your Instructor: Dr. Vanessa Hintz

    2. Issues of Racism

    3. Microaggressions

    4. Chronic Stress

    5. Intergenerational Trauma

    6. How Our Identities Intersect

    7. Emotional Intelligence

    8. Cultural Humility

    9. 10 Keys to Everyday Anti-Racism

    10. Equity Teams

    11. Resources

About this course

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