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Hundreds of courses to help you build, manage and excel in your tourism or hospitality career.

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    $6,500 value

    This pass includes enrollment in over 140 business, personal development, tourism, and management courses for a full year.

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    $295 value

    Connect with other tourism, travel and hospitality professionals who are as excited as you to learn, advance their carees and share their passion for travel.

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    Each member receives a complimentary 20-minute one-on-one consult with one of The Tourism Academy | instructional designers, tourism trainers or leadership team members.

Tourism Leaders Are Talking

Developing strong, competent tourism professionals has never been more important.

“Workforce development and education has always been an important part of destination management, but as we rebuild our workforce and respond to industry-wide staffing shortages it is even increasingly so.”

Al Hutchinson, CEO Visit Baltimore & Destinations International Chair

“The Tourism Academy is important as the success of retaining and attracting diverse talent to this industry is directly correlated to the level of involvement in outreach, education and opportunities.”

Elliott Ferguson, CEO Destination DC

“A constant thing that I found is that no matter where you are or what the situation is, people have the capacity and ability to make it better or worst. By focusing on developing the people involved in the industry, the Tourism Academy is setting up a strong foundation that will allow the industry to build reliable and knowledgeable professionals capable of making every travel experience unforgettable. ”

Juan Alberto Villareal, Ed.D.

Membership Includes:

More than 140 course titles, a $6,000 value

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this program entirely virtual?

    Yes! This program is entirely virtual. Online and on demand. Learn at your own pace. Your coaching session will be held via Zoom.

  • How much time will I spend on this program each week?

    The coursework is self-paced, but we strongly encourage you spend about 2-3 hours each week on new learning.

  • Will my company cover the cost of this course?

    Most likely, yes! There’s good chance your employer will pay for it 💸 AND think more highly of you for enrolling 👍. Most companies offer employees a professional development budget that can be used for our program.

  • How do I enroll my team?

    Send each of your teammates this page and ask them to enroll. Have 3+ employees enrolling? Email us at: [email protected] to ask about team discounts.